8 ways to build a beauty business

8 ways to build a beauty business

Step 1: Investigation Phase

   - Regularly ask existing customers how they discovered your beauty services.

   - Encourage them to share their positive experiences and recommend your business.

   - Collect and analyse this feedback to identify effective marketing channels.


Step 2: Design Your Life

   - Develop a detailed plan for your ideal work-life balance.

   - Write down specific goals for your professional and personal life.

   - Consider factors such as working hours, personal time, and self-care.


Step 3: Boundary Implementation

   - Utilise a booking system to streamline your schedule and manage client appointments efficiently.

   - Clearly define your availability and communicate it through the booking system.

   - Establish policies and procedures to maintain a healthy work-life balance.


Step 4: Terms and Conditions

   - Draft comprehensive terms and conditions for your beauty business.

   - Clearly outline your services, pricing, cancellation policies, and other crucial details.

   - Ensure that clients understand and agree to these terms before availing your services.


Step 5: Professionalism & Branding

   - Focus on maintaining a professional image for your beauty business.

   - Develop a unique brand identity that sets you apart in the market.

   - Consistently deliver high-quality services to build a positive reputation.


Step 6: Customer Relationship Management

   - Nurture relationships with existing customers through personalised communication.

   - Encourage satisfied clients to provide testimonials and reviews.

   - Leverage positive feedback in your marketing materials to attract new customers.


Step 7: Marketing Strategies

   - Utilise the insights gained from the investigation phase to refine your marketing strategies.

   - Invest in effective online and offline marketing channels based on customer preferences.

   - Continuously monitor and adjust your marketing efforts for optimal results.


Step 8: Continuous Improvement

   - Regularly reassess and adjust your work-life balance plan based on evolving personal and professional needs.

   - Stay updated on industry trends and incorporate new techniques or services into your beauty business.

   - Seek ongoing feedback from clients to identify areas for improvement.


Sarah Naylor is here to support and empower fellow beauty business owners on their journey to nail it in the industry.

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