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One to One Consultation

Book your 30 Minute Virtual Appointment. To Discuss your journey.

One to One online education

Virtual One to One Hair & Beauty Education from the Comfort of your own home. Book your 30 Minute Virtual Appointment Here to discuss your educational journey.


Virtual One to One Lessons. Learn how to build, Scale and Grow your own beauty business.
Our virtual one to one consultations are a safe place where you can discuss your goals. I will work with you to guide you through your educational progress. I believe that women and girls everywhere should be financially independent. My mission is to teach them the practical skills and business tools so that they can Build, Scale & Grow their very own Beauty Business in a Box®. If you want advice and guidance on how to do this book a virtual consultation and we can discuss what it is you want and how you can go about achieving it.

Everybody learns differently and I have had the pleasure of teaching a wide variety of people from different life backgrounds and educational backgrounds. Some people are extremely academic and some learn better with their hands. If you want to find out what is the best fit for you book a virtual consultation.
Let's work together to help you achieve your goals.

All women and girls have the right to financial independence. My mission and passion is to help women and girls unlock their true potential and reach their goals.
Key Concepts
One to One Educational Consultation
Private & Confidential
Map out your goals
Learn how you can become financially independent
“Hi Sarah, I really enjoyed our session today. You were so helpful and I cannot thank you enough. I will definitely be following up on your recommendations and look forward to practicing my new skills. Thanks again Sarah regards Fiona” Fiona – Childcare Worker

Become a Financially Independent Female Entrepreneur! Know your worth! Charge what it's worth!

One to One Consultation

One to One Consultation

Virtual One to One Lessons. Learn how to build, Scale and Grow your own beauty business.

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Professional H&M Service

Professional Hair & Makeup Services


Master Classes

Master Classes

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As a charity that has helped thousands across the island of Ireland, including myself, I have dedicated the proceeds of the first one hundred copies of ‘Salon Styled At Home The Step By Step Guide’ to the very deserving Pieta House.
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