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Zoom Styling

One to One Virtual Styling Session

One to One Zoom Stying Session

Want to know how to get zoom styled in minutes. This one to one masterclass covers Everything you need to know to look good for camera. It covers lighting, accessories, filters, hair styling, makeup, skincare. This a do it with the expert class. You will be guided step by step through each process, the session will be recorded and sent to you afterwards. We believe in the hands on approach and by learning as you do! it will be easy to implement your new lessons into your daily routine. Carried out over a half day or can be broken into two 2 hour sessions. We will meet virtually and go through everything you want to know and so much more. By the end of our session you will be completely confident in your presentation and appearance that you will be so excited for your next meeting or outing. You will receive a step by step guided eBook on completion so that you can recreate your chosen style with ease.

Course Details

Enjoy your own reflection

Makeup Application

Skincare Routine

Clothing for your shape and style


Recording Set- Up Lighting Background Green Screen Presentation Editing
Key Concepts
Presentation Skill
Content Creation
Create the best version of you
Salon Styled Styling from Head to Toe
The Tech you need
One to One
Expert Tuition
I can testify that Sarah’s zoom styling is excellent it has really helped me with my confidence to meet and present online. Simone – Financial Advisor

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As a charity that has helped thousands across the island of Ireland, including myself, I have dedicated the proceeds of the first one hundred copies of ‘Salon Styled At Home The Step By Step Guide’ to the very deserving Pieta House.
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