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Billionaire Brows®

Build your Beauty Business in a box®

Billionaire Brows® be your own brow boss

Our Billionaire Brows® course is designed to teach you every aspect of creating beautiful brows for your clients. There is no experience necessary as we will teach you everything you need to know to build your Beauty Business in a box. The Billionaire Brows® course covers: Health and Safety Brow design Brow mapping Waxing and grooming Brow lamination Lash Lift You will receive a full professional kit with enough products to carry out approximately 30 Billionaire Brows® treatments.

Course Details

Courses for Bored Broke Teenagers
Ultimate brow training Create a signature Billionaire Brows® Your Beauty Business in a Box®
Key Concepts
Brow mapping
Brow sculpting
Brow Design
High Definition Brows
Brow lamination
Brow tinting
Brow waxing
Brow grooming
Beauty Business in a Box® training
Build your confidence and your business
Online support
Private group support
Sarah is the best teacher, she is very patient and easy to understand. This is the best brow course out there. I would definetly recommend this brow course. Kai

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