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CTR, CPC, REACH? What does it all mean

Using ADS to increase your business, is it a good idea?

By Sarah Naylor

Sarah Naylor is passionate about helping women and girls earn their own money, by teaching them the practical skills in hair and beauty plus the business tools to help them build, scale and grow their Beauty Business in a Box ™

Using Google & Facebook Ads


Benefits of PPC (price per click)

  • The user is interested in your product/service and looking to buy.
  • Reach the right people at exactly the right time.
  • You reach people who are actively searching for the products/services you offer.
  • Cost effective as you only pay when a user clicks on your ad.
  • Highly transparent and measurable.
  • You have complete control of your ads and spend.

Google Ads is one of the more challenging platforms when it comes to monitoring your success.

However, it can work for almost any business and companies will, on average, double their return

on investment on the platform.  It takes time, trail and error, analysis, tweaking

and refinement?

Pick The Right Keywords For Your Google Ads Campaign

When picking keywords for your new Ads campaign, there is one crucial factor to keep in mind: Intent!

What is the searcher expecting to get from this search?

What are they looking for and what does the specific search tell you about their stage in the

buying journey?

if someone is just starting their buying journey, they don't know what Brand

they want just yet. They likely will be searching to compare products or

narrow down the product type.

Whereas users lower in the funnel (closer to buying) will search for specific

brands, sizes, or where they can purchase them.

If  you are selling Hair Extensions for instance The intent is crucial to successful ads. If you target keywords like "tapes or bonds" with an ad focused on buying one, nobody will convert. They are looking to compare first, not buy immediately.


Facebook ads

Video - Video ads can run in the News Feed and Stories, or they can appear as in-stream ads in longer Facebook videos. Your video ads don't need to use filmed video footage. You can also create GIF-like graphics or other animations.

Image - These simple ads are a great way to get started with Facebook paid advertising. You can create one with just a few clicks by boosting an existing post with an image from your Facebook Page.

Carousel - A carousel ad uses up to 10 images or videos to showcase your product or service. Use to highlight different benefits of one product, several different products or even use all the photos together to create one large panorama image. Each image or video can have its own link.

Collection - For mobile only, these allow you to showcase five images or videos that customers can click to buy a product or service.

Slideshow - Slideshow ads offer an easy way to create short video ads from a collection of still photos, text, or existing video clips.

Lead - Lead ads are only available for mobile devices. They're designed to make it easy for people to give you their contact information without a lot of typing. or collecting newsletter subscriptions, signing someone up for a trial of your product or allowing people to ask for more information from you.

Dynamic - Say someone has visited a product page or placed a product in their shopping cart on your website, but then abandoned the purchase. With dynamic ads, you can advertise that specific product in their Facebook feed.

Messenger - Facebook Messenger ads give you access to the 1.3 billion people who use Messenger every month.

Stories - Mobile phones are meant to be held vertically. Stories ads are a mobile-only full-screen vertical video format that allows you to maximise screen real estate without expecting viewers to

turn their screen.

Augmented reality - Augmented reality ads use features like filters and animation to allow people

to interact with your brand.


What will ads do for your business? Raise and Increase!

Brand awareness: Introduce your brand to a new audience,

Reach: Expose your ad to as many people in your audience as possible.

Traffic: Drive traffic to a specific web page, app, or Facebook Messenger conversation.

Engagement: Reach a wide audience to increase the number of post engagements or Page follows, increase attendance at your event, or encourage people to claim a special offer.

Go to the Facebook Ads Manager & choose your objective:

App installs: Get people to install your app.

Video views: Get more people to watch your videos.

Lead generation: Get new prospects into your sales funnel.

Messages: Encourage people to contact your business using Facebook Messenger.

Conversions: Get people to take a specific action on your website (like subscribe to your list or buy your product), with your app, or in Facebook Messenger.

Catalogue sales: Connect your Facebook ads to your product catalogue to show people ads for the products they are most likely to want to buy.

Store traffic: Drive nearby customers to brick-and-mortar stores.


As a business owner I use both Google and Facebook Ads, I would highly recommend outsourcing or enlisting the help of a Facebook marketing expert.  This is a free service open to all business accounts when you go to your ads manager there is a button to click on to enlist the help of a facebook marketing expert they will help you to set up your ads from scratch and will ring you each week to explain how well the ads are running and make any necessary changes for you to get the most bang for your buck!!!

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